A digital illustration themed around website optimization and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in a two-tone color scheme, predominantly yellow and dark blue, against a pale blue background. The central image shows hands typing on a laptop keyboard, with the laptop screen displaying a magnifying glass symbolizing search, surrounded by various icons. These icons represent different aspects and tools of SEO and website maintenance, such as gears, graphs, cloud computing, a globe with magnifying glass, and document symbols. Text labels such as "Automatically Renewal SSL," "SEO," "Update Text," and "Feature Images" are integrated within the design to describe each icon's function. The overall image is constructed in a network style arrangement, suggesting the interconnected nature of the different components of web management.

Better file name

I create a plugin which allows renaming file based on file content so you don’t have to.

The plugin also helps generating alt text of the uploaded image and generate feature image.

My aim for the plugin is to automated SEO data for the image.

More details in plugin readme file on GitHub.


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