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  • Setting Up Reliable WordPress Cron

    We all know wp-cron can be unreliable if left on default WordPress setting, WordPress’s behaviour on maybe I will run maybe not for wp-cron in a case of sites with less traffic. There are following solutions to solve this problem. All require to disable default WP cron. This will work for both single and multisite WordPress installation. Linux Crontab […]

  • Backup WordPress site using Dropbox and wp-cli ?

    Backup WordPress site using Dropbox and wp-cli ?

    Here is how you can backup small site using wp-cli and dropbox. Go to: Create new app call it anything it’s gonna be your private app. Generated access token and save it somewhere in your locker 🙂 Download file and change directories path and DROPBOX_TOKEN sudo chmod +x Setup crontab with crontab -e […]