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  • Fix Raspberry Pi 4 boot from SSD

    Fix Raspberry Pi 4 boot from SSD

    Hardware: RPI 4 – 4GB. SSD Case: – Orico 2.5″ USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure Case Micro HDMI to HDMI – BlueRigger High Speed Micro HDMI to HDMI (To debug issues) I followed guide provided in Somehow when I used Raspberry Pi image disk copier utility it did not work for me, I had to…

  • WordPress Late Escaping but why!

    A post I wrote on late escaping.

  • Hello world!

    My name is Utkarsh Patel and I am full stack engineer with focus on WordPress. I’ve masters degree in information and technology and started my journey in 2014. Mostly, Blog will be on WordPress, JavaScript and other stuff which I find interesting. To start with here are/were my favorite blogs on WordPress Reach out at hi [at]…