Fix Raspberry Pi 4 boot from SSD


I followed guide provided in

Somehow when I used Raspberry Pi image disk copier utility it did not work for me, I had to create image in SSD and copy file as mentioned in above article.

However, it did not work out of the box, After RPI expanded drive I got following error:

Timed out waiting for device /dev/serial1.

However, it was booting fine with USB.2.0 port.

To fix that issue with USB 3.0 I booted RPI back from SD CARD and followed guide to update driver for SSD in

After that it was booting with some errors but boot time was still 4-5 mins.

Final fix which I applied is to add quirks in cmdline.txt Here is the guide

⚠️ You may brick your SSD / SSD enclosure if you’re not sure what you’re doing.


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